Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wildlife Ranch


The truth is, I miss Tennessee. I am however learning to appreciate Texas. I have learned never to complain about the amazing winter weather. Thanks to the great weather and Justin's job, we have the time and funding to do something other than rent a movie. A few weekends ago we decided to check out this place. The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch comes highly recommended by the Wilson crew!!

Open wide!!

A long horn right by our car.
The king of the pen kept following us around and strutting his stuff.
Enjoying brushing the goats.
Yay for feeding animals!!
The zebras were our favorite!!
There is just something awesome about buffalo.

Watch out for the attack of the killer Ostrich!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

What Happened in Vegas...


About six months ago one of my dearest friends from high school invited a large group of us to get together at her home in Las Vegas. I immediately knew that I needed to go. I told Justin that I wanted a trip to Vegas for Christmas. I think with packing, moving, renting, and basically suffering from cabin fever, I really needed to skip out on the day-to-day stuff for a weekend. Kid free and carrying only my purse, I boarded the plane for the most FANTASTIC weekend I could have ever imagined.

I spent the weekend with two of the funnest girls. I have known Lindsay since 7th grade and Addie since 2nd. I pretty sure I spent more time with them then my family in high school. They can get me laughing harder then anyone I know (with the exception of my sisters). I think high school friends just know you differently then friends you make later on in life. Mostly I love that even though we haven't been together in years, it didn't even matter. We reminisced about the past and caught up on the present. I remembered what it was like to be just me, no strings attached. No responsibilities. No schedule to keep. No cleaning to do. Just completely enjoying myself. It was AMAZING!!

We had a ton of fun playing on the strip.
So much shopping!! Surprisingly one of my favorite parts.
Playing the slots. I lost $5, Addie won $5 and Lindsay won $3.
Eating delicious food - so yummy!!!
Early morning stroll with Linds up the mountain.
Hiking in Red Rock National Park

After my adventure, it was nice to come home to these cuties and remember that I chose to be a mom, wife, and homemaker for a reason. It's nice to have fun and be a little selfish but it's nicer to know that people depend on you and that you are the world to somebody.

Thanks Lindsay and Addie!! Can't wait until next year!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We love Pop Tarts!!


My kiddos love to eat pop tarts for breakfast. Honestly, I'm kinda lazy in the morning and they are just such and easy breakfast. My mom is horrified by this and sometimes I am too. She would make us breakfast every morning before school. I hope that when my kids start school I do a little better at breakfast. Until then, it's pop tarts or dry cereal with a cup of milk.

So I saw instructions for making pop tarts on Pintrest and I know that I had to give it a go. Here's the link if you want to try your own: pop tarts

The yummy filling.
Make sure they are sealed extra tight!!
Already to bake.
Lots of sprinkles please!!
Eat up!!

Izzy had the awesome idea to use a store bought pop tart as a pattern for our pop tarts. But we decided we like them to be smaller. We also decided next time we would try raspberry jam and that the pie crust needed to be rolled a little thinner. We had a super fun time!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Re-inspired, Again


I was visiting with a running buddy the other day and I realized something: I miss blogging. Not that many people read/comment on my blog, but I like having an organized record of the Wilson family happenings to look back on and enjoy. I feel like Facebook has taken the place of blogging about my life because it's so convenient. But blogging is different than Facebook. I know I'm not the best or most interesting blogger but I need to be recommitted for me.

So having said that, here we are in San Antonio. We miss Tennessee all the time. Our house (which we still own), our friends, having family close, and even the weather that I've known to complain plenty about, all became such a huge part of our lives. I'm sure that I miss it more than Justin. But maybe not. We have somewhat settled into our rental home here. I'm really enjoying our ward and have found kindred spirits in it, something I'm truly grateful for. Izzy and Wes have adjusted well but still miss TN, especially Izzy.

I've learned to not complain about 70 degree weather whenever it happens. Even if it is Christmas or February. I think this is the first winter in my entire life that I have not seen a snowflake. That is a little sad. But on the upside I've enjoyed the greenway right by our house and taking the kids to the park.

At the Alamo

Our favorite place on the trail.

Playing at the park in JANUARY!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I've been up to!


So somewhere between the deep cleaning of our home (it goes on the market this week), preparing for an upcoming sprint triathlon (two weekends away), and basically being a single parent (Justin's fellowship requires really long hours), I managed to be involved in this lovely utube video

I think that the editor does and amazing job and Jessi is super talented. I hope you get the chance to enjoy it like I do!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

KItties Galore!!


We left the garage door open for about ten minutes one day and came home to this:

Six little kittens who lost their mittens + two mommy cats just chilling in the garage.
Justin was all about keeping one of these little cuties. I was NOT!!

The owners were not available to come get them. Eventually all the neighborhood kids helped me take them home.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Izzy - Unplugged!


I've been super proud of Izzy lately and I really don't want to forget the moments she's creating. She is growing up way too fast!

1. Isabella finally conquered her fear of riding on a bike (with training wheels). She was very slow at first but then couldn't wait to ride her bike every day. That was like a month ago. She has barely ridden it since. Any suggestions?

2. Looking so beautiful at Easter, but with a very silly face.
3. Has decided to become a beautician and practices on Wes. Her favorite tools are a spray bottle and LOTS of barrettes.
4. Completed her first year of preschool with a smile on her face. Mrs. Sherrie was such a great teacher and she loved playing with her friend Seth. I admit I was having a hard time keeping it together when I dropped her off for the last time.
5. Everything is either the "very best day" or the "worst day ever" when it comes to my four-year-old. Standing outside in the drizzling rain looking at the rainbows made this the "best day ever."
6. A creative little mind built this castle with various blocks and other toys. She was very proud of her accomplishment.
7. First time on a horse makes for a very exciting adventure. I can't get over how cute she looks.